Agiokampos Business Finder for businesses

Our love for the beaches of Municipality of Larisa is the main reason we developed website. This continuously growing area with the beautiful huge beach in combination with the rest of the sights that Thessaly has to show, is a travel destination of unique natural beauty.

Agiokampos Business Finder was created for the promotion of Agiokampos, Sotiritsa and Velika beach as a touristic destination. Our goal is that Agiokampos Business Finder becomes the most complete guide of the area, as far as the local businesses are concerned.

The listing of the businesses is a time-consuming process, as there are not many data available, a fact that makes the existence of Agiokampos Business Finder website even more necessary.

Businessmen that own a business in the area of Agiokampos, Sotiritsa or Velika should search for their business in the corresponding category. For each one of you, there is a personal webpage with information about your business. We urge you to check that this information is correct and provide us with more information – or corrections, if needed. It is worth mentioning that your personal webpage is free of charge. Our goal is that all the businesses are listed – a fact that will lead to Agiokampos Business Finder success: the most complete guide of the area!

In case you don’t find your business listed in our website, please keep in mind that Agiokampos Business Finder is a project that is still under construction. Please contact us, though, to let us know that you are not listed so that we plan to add your business, if it is not planed already.

One of the great features of Agiokampos Business Finder is that visitors have the opportunity to rate the businesses. Take advantage of this important feature by urging your customers to visit and rate your business. The more and better ratings you have, the higher will your business be in its category – which means that more visitors will see you and are most likely to chose to visit you!

Agiokampos Business Finder is a tool for the promotion of your own business! Spread the word and take advantage of it!


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